Welcome. As we are most aware, we are heading into a very interesting day in age. The cosmic forces are strong,and is time for the tribe to come together to dance and connect in this sacred time that is`summer solstice/end of mayan calender 2012`. We will be showcasing 3 days of music,arts and culture, in one of the most pristine environments in australia. Featuring some of the most talented artists from across the globe,aswell as various workshops and markets, spanned over 3 stages.We are aiming to create a space where you can connect with the land,your friends and family, and celebrate this rare cycle of life. Whatever walk of life you may be,this is the place where you can ascend to the next step in evolution,consciousness and perception. We welcome you to Mayan Solstice,Cairns.Australia. 21st/23rd December,2012. Look forward to sharing the good times with you all. Love and Good Vibrations - Wittika Team..